The Green Grew Project

Here at the Green Crew centre there are plenty of opportunities to work with nature as the building is based right next to a public park and the participants of the Green Crew all work with support to enhance and maintain public area around the Wigan Borough.

We thought that working with natural materials as an inspiration for creativity would be great as it would tie in with what they all do with the crew. On the first week we went on a foraging activity to collect items that we could use for rubbings, drawings and tracings, this helped to create the sense of exploration and a different way of working, this resulted in lots of drawings which were energetic and really responsive to the moment.

The second week we concentrated on printmaking predominantly monoprinting, using leaves, flowers and natural materials as reference material. Everyone enjoyed the activity and of the reveal of the print, it was a really good activity for this group as it engaged everyone from the outset and everyone got involved with preparing the plate, taping up and rolling the ink.


The participants tried out various colours and combinations experimenting with papers and surfaces. This has also led to discussions about further print techniques for the following weeks. As you can see we made lots of different colour combinations and it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!


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