Fallen Angels/Rising Angels Expressions & The Hub Project

Over the last few weeks the Fallen Angels Group based at The Turnpike in Leigh have been working in conjunction with The Hub a centre for the homeless in Leigh, this has been a collaboration and peer mentoring project encouraging the arts in its many forms.

The members of The Hub participated in some expressive fluid mark making and really enjoyed the process, it was really inspiring to see this as the project is a pilot scheme to see how the work will be taken forward into future projects. It was really good to see participants move around the creative activities with ease, the sense of ‘Flow’ was tangible as we started painting and drawing expressively on large sheets of paper allowing a complete freedom of expression. The participants then went on to trying out movement and expressive dance moves.

The following session back at The Turnpike was with Fallen Angels / Expressions and we reflected on the previous weeks activity, which led to re-visiting the expressive work we did on the first week and how we were going to move the art making forward. The participants of Expressions decided to use clear cellophane to draw body tracings to add to the piece, reflecting the struggles and feelings they have had in their journey of recovery.


The culmination of their six week project has led to some really innovative ideas and discussion around the meaning of ‘recovery’ and how we can translate this into a visual format. Being part of this process has been exciting, meaningful and has led to many ideas and ways of delivering this sort of project in the future.

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