The Green Crew Project ‘Nature Nurture’

The Green Crew normally work outdoors maintaining public areas around the Wigan Borough so today we decided to work outside as it was such a lovely afternoon, we worked on a large scale piece using mono-printing as a means of transferring images to the large sheets of paper and the weather was so nice and sunny, it was mood lifting to be in the sunshine! This developed into a far freer way of working and I think everyone enjoyed working on a collaborative piece, this then led to printing on some pieces of planking which we found around the yard.

For the next session we cut some planking to make individual pieces, this week rather than using the natural elements like leaves and such we used the craft foam and paper to draw into to create mono-print images which we could then ink up and print on the wood.

We also began working on some canvases and used inks to do some expressive mark making with free flowing water, cling film and water sprays. The participants really enjoyed dripping and rolling the ink and colour around the surface.


We then further developed the canvases by using acetates and templates of plants & leaves to draw on with posca pens, these were then layered over the top of the canvases to make some really colourful vibrant pieces based on nature and the outdoors. We also began some preliminary sheets of painting to use next week to use for collage of autumnal elements.


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