#Thrive with Art

It’s been an exciting and fun 8 weeks, working with the young people, their families and carers at #Thrive. Here’s a little look at some of the art work that was created.

‘Thinking outside the box’ was the first theme that was introduced to the group. Using their creative flair and imagination the young people were able to turn a tissue box into some wonderful designs such as a shark, a book shelf and a treasure box. This was a great introduction to the art making sessions, allowing lots of fun and exploration within the group.


Over the following weeks the group completed their own unique ‘leaf’ which have now been displayed on the wall in the cafe. This was a great way to introduce new painting and displaying techniques whilst using mixed materials and media The young people were really proud of their art work being displayed by #Thrive.


The young people were challenged to take on an activity of making Manchester Bee’s out of paper mache. This was a messy activity which everyone loved getting their hands dirty, however it proved to be bigger activity than we thought and unfortunately we ran out of time so some of the bee’s were taken home to be completed. Blowing up the balloons created a lot of fun and games which helped the young people relax, have fun, socialise and just enjoy being part of an art group.

The bee canvas is also on display at the #Thrive cafe!


Mask making in time for Halloween, as requested by the young people! This was great to see them having input into what they created. As you can see there were some fantastic masks which the young people wore to go trick or treating.


Here are some canvas designs which the young people took home to hang on their bedroom walls.


The final week brought with it ‘World Mental Health Day’, and so the theme for the session was designed around the disney’s pixar movie ‘Inside Out’. This was a theme that the young people really seemed to appreciate. There was lots of activities to do such as dot-to-dot, character nail painting, colouring sheets, canvas painting, balloon making and of course a welcomed contribution of creativity. Following the session the young people were also invited to stay to watch the movie in #Thrive very own home-made cinema room. This was a great end to an 8 week project.


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