The Green Crew – Nature Nature Project

Over the final weeks of the Nature Nurture Project with the Green Crew we have been continuing our journey with nature as inspiration as well as thinking about the centre and what participants would like to see there. We have had a really enjoyable and humorous discussion about the things that they would like. This developed into a working plan of the site and what it should contain, it was a really fun session that led to lively collaboration as to what was placed where!

We had lots of spare pieces of colourful paintings that had been produced over the last few weeks so we thought it might be interesting to develop some collages of leaves and see what happened, they are beautiful and vibrant.

Over the final two weeks we decided after enjoying the collage work so much we decided we would use this medium to create a drawing of the Green Crew centre as the participants  saw it, using collage pieces to complete it. The participants requested a poly tunnel as they do not have one at the moment but would like one and decided to put the church into the collage, oh and of course a giant dog! It is so refreshing to see these works emerge from ideas and I think that the last ten weeks have been enormous fun.

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