#THRIVE Winter Workshops

We’ve had another exciting set of workshops with #Thrive. The group have created more fabulous works of art and learnt a whole range of new creative techniques.

Here are a few examples of the work created so far:

We spent the first week exploring different printing techniques from lino cutting to stencils, natural prints and stamp making.

Here are a few examples of the wonderful prints the group created. They all worked on a number of individual pieces and also contributed to large forest piece.

Following their exploration into printmaking they experimented with ceramics. We created seasonal pieces such as Christmas decorations and Autumn leaf bowls.


We explored texture, cutting and forming techniques to create the pieces above.

The following week we were inspired by the beautiful jungle paintings on the walls and decided to expand onto one of the blank walls using paper cutting, origami and painting.

The group created stacks of hand cut leaves and assembles their own forest. In among the forest they hid origami frogs, printed butterflies, paper chain vines and snakes. Take a look at their wall so far….



Over the next session we explore glass from glass painting to fused glass. The group painted their own acetate baubles. They also assembles and decorated glass bottles for the tree using glass paint, glitter and fake snow. Later the group got to try their hand at fused glass using frits (glass powder), paints and copper foul to create their own Christmas Decorations. Here they are in the kiln waiting to be fired and one of the beautiful glass bottles hung on a tree.


For the final two weeks we decided to go with a Christmas theme and have created a wide range of pieces from Christmas cards to crackers, sculptural pieces and wreaths.

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