Artful Fused Glass & Layered Landscape Project

The second week of Artful we continued the theme of layers as in the fused glass we made last week, discovering how acetate could be manipulated and experimented with to create a sense of depth. The finished pieces that were produced in the last session were very subtle and beautiful and helped to initiate ideas for this next process as the transparency of the glass became important as a means to create distance.

We began by finding an idea to use on each layer of acetate and the tricky bit was deciding which layer to add which detail.

We used card pieces to frame and create space between each layer and there was lots of different ideas going on! Below are just a couple of the pieces as others took them home to finish completely, it was really effective in creating a sense of space and depth and would be great to visit this idea again as a longer project.


Finally here are all the finished fused glass pieces that were completed last session, as you can see they are all really different and it was a great way to learn about the techniques of this form of glass making.

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